Monday, January 28, 2002

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DR's office just called me
Apparently the day I had my ultrasound I was 15 wks and 4 days so my NEW esitmated due date is July the 12th.

That will make Grandma happy because she is convinced that it will be on July 11th (her BDAY) but I still feel that it will be the 18th for some reason.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

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Today we had a big scare re: the baby (but it's alive)

*sighs* it was a long, scary, stressful day

It all started around 8 a.m. I had two really sharp pains in my lower left abdomen. Like being punched 2x but the person had a sharp, pointed object in their fist when they did it.

It frightened me. After that, it just throbbed. But I wasn't bleeding or anything like that so I didn't tell DS and we proceeded to take him to work... but I kept feeling worse in the car.

I wasn't planning on telling DS because I didn't want to worry him unnecessarily. My plan was to get him to work and then I was going to call sammygirl and D. and get them to either meet me at the shop and take me to the hospital or meet me at the hospital but DS noticed that there was something wrong.

He asked and I started crying and we immediately headed to the hospital.

We were both pretty scared because, although I've been sick as a dog all the way thru my pregnancy thus far... I haven't had anything like that happen before.

Got to the hospital. Was seen. Pain lessened although I still feel kind of tender all over my abdomen, and quite a bit so where that pain struck me today.

The DR was very nice and calming. He sent in a tech with the Doppler device to pick up the heartbeat to reassure me.

The tech couldn't find the heartbeat. He tried for about 20 mins. All he could pick up on was mine. I started crying. (at this point, I'd sent DS to call sammy and d. sammy came to the hospital)

The DR then brought another Doppler and he tried for about 20 mins to find the heartbeat of the baby and couldn't find it either.

I was in despair. I know that all things happen for a reason but I could see no reason in this... I can't recall ever being so scared and afraid.

The DR tried to reassure me, saying that while using it, did I notice that he didn't even always pick up MY heartbeat and that sometimes it's more difficult to pick up depending on the position of the baby and the amount of weight in that area of the mother.

He suggested that I up the appointment date of my ultrasound if I wanted more reassurance (since they couldn't do one at the hospital because it was all booked and because I was having no bleeding and the pain had lessened considerably).

Sammy and DS waited outside while I got dressed and then we all went back to her place where she and her J cheered us up, offered us moral support and really just were wonderful in helping calm me down.

I got my ultrasound squeezed in at the end of the lab tech's day so I had to drink a TON of water (I vomited at the lab... too full) for my ultrasound.

She did an abdominal/external one first. And had a hard time finding the baby and I was crying because I was so scared and DS wasn't allowed in there with me until after she got the info she needed.

She finally found the baby (just one) and assured me that it was alive and turned the screen and indicated the presence of it's beating heart.

I was very happy and relieved.

Then she had me empty my bladder and she did a trans-vaginal ultrasound to try to get the measurements and data that she needed.

Then she did the external one again and then brought Jay in and pointed out the baby and she printed the ultrasound picture for us.

But she wouldn't answer any of my other questions and told me to talk to my DR on Friday about my results so I am still worried.

My theory is that my DR miscalculated the gestational age of my baby.. but I am unsure why the tech was so closed mouth to me.

My ultrasound pic says GA (LMP)=15w1d P90 but I am unsure if that's what they discovered or if they just entered in what my DR believes the GA to be.

The only other thing it says is CN0 14cm DR60 G 48
but I don't know what any of that means.

So I guess I'll have a better idea of what's going on on Friday...

So I am exhausted (even though I had a 3 hr nap when we got home) and will likely be going to bed soon.

I am thankful that things turned out OK today and am praying that there will be no bad or unexpected news re: this on Friday.


Tuesday, January 15, 2002

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IN 2 wks

I get to have my ultrasound so I can finally get a peek at the little one and am also slated for that 16 wk blood screening for Down's etc...

I am scared about that one. But excited that I get to have the ultrasound because I really wanna see what's happening in here :>:>:>

Friday, January 4, 2002

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Pregnancy count... wk 26 (this actually begins on Fri the 5th by my count)
Week 26

How your baby's growing: Your baby is beginning to make some breathing movements, but there's no air in the lungs yet. At 26 weeks, fetal brain scans show that she responds to touch. Also, if you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn her head, which researchers say shows some functioning of the optic nerve.

How your life is changing: Sleep may not feel that restful anymore, now that you're having vivid and scary dreams. When you sleep, your subconscious becomes a staging area for your fears and insecurities about pregnancy and impending motherhood. Dreaming that you're running away or falling from a great height, for instance, says you're worried about losing your independence and freedom once the baby arrives.

If your healthcare provider previously screened you for pregnancy anemia, a deficiency of red blood cells, she may do so again around this time. Many pregnant women develop a mild case of the illness because of normal changes in their bodies.