Monday, April 15, 2002

@ 2002-04-15 19:58:00

Current mood: in pain

what a day! i wonder if i ought to call a lawyer?
Well, my arm is in one of those sturdy things to protect it as i had a nasty fall today...

don't worry, lil one seems to be fine...

i had to get an oil lube and filter today and i also got a new air filter... but they were out of stock so they sent me to their other location in Kitchener and i walked in and there was soapy water spreading down from their doorstep (i think they emptied a mop bucket or something) and there was no sign warning about the wet area but i walked inside and the guy motioned for me to follow him through the garage and out the bay doors to my car, I proceeded to do so and I fell right on the painted concrete in the garage.

Even though I obviously fell very fast, I had the foresight to turn to make sure I landed on my side rather than my tummy and took most of the fall on my left hand.

The guy asked me if I was OK and I said I thought I was, since I didn't land on my tummy. He told me that his wife had fallen down the stairs 2 wks before their child was born and there'd been no prob.., so I proceeded to my car with him and he aksed me again if i was OK and I said that I thought so.

He put the filter in my car and my hand was starting to hurt and he asked again and I said my hand was starting to bother me and I left.

I drove the 4 mins down the street to the urgent care clinic and waited. I saw a DR after being there for about 45 mins. He examined my hand (i had to remove my watch because my wrist was swollen) and said that since i was pregnant that they could not X-ray to see if my hand was broken or not so he told me to ice it and then get one of these pre-formed wrist tensors to protect my hand if it is/was broken and that it would also be useful in the case of a strain or a sprain.

He also said that if I had any abdominal pain, bleeding, abnormal discharge or if the baby wasn't moving, to go to hospital for a stress test on the baby.

I ahven't had any probs with lil one *knocks wood* and S-N-J and I spent HOURS today driving around town to find one of these fucking thigns for my wrist in my goddamn size (small)

So i have a nice goose egg on my left hand near the base of my thumb and a icky purple mark and am in pain...

that was my day...

Thanks to sammygirl-N-J for taking care of me though :>:>:>

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

@ 2002-04-10 10:07:00

Home from the OBGYN
He thinks all the movement last wk indicate that the baby has changed position from sideways to head down. Since the baby has been quiet the past few days, I am partially inclined to agree, however, then why is almost all of the "hard" internal poking happening below my belly button???

I ahve to have the Rh shot since I am A negative and Jay is O positive... I am nervous about that...

It seems nice outside, I think I am going to eat and then take a walk.
@ 2002-04-10 08:02:00

my 2nd OBGYN appt is today (TMI in the morning)
In an hour, actually...

so I am awake and had to pee in the container first thing this morning.

Is it just me, or is it difficult to pee into those things, especially while pregnant when you can't see past your own stomach???

BTW, it's official, my baby belly sticks out farther than my breasts do now...

Monday, April 1, 2002

@ 2002-04-01 08:14:00

Current mood: sore

Ow ow ow
I must have slept funny because my neck and the right side of my back is KILLING me... it was painful to drive DS to work. This sucks :(

In other news, we had 2 delicious Easter dinners so far this weekend and are having one more tonight.

The baby has been so much more active lately that it's been really neat :>:>:> DS hasn't been able to feel the baby moving yet, although sammygirl did yesterday :>