Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I am finding it interesting to note that Little Man has been coming to me and talking to me more often about his dreams.

I have always had a rather vibrant and often terrifying dreamscape whereas DS (my ex and Little Man's father) rarely even remembered his, so I wondered which way Little Man would go and it seems he is following in my footsteps.

Early this morning, he crawled in to cuddle with me for a few minutes before going to brush his teeth and he was telling me about how he was out with myself, Big T, Rhyme Girl and some of our friends and everything was fun and normal but then, "Je mange une banane."

I looked at him and he said, "Mom, it got really weird because then everyone was only speaking French!"


He also had a dream about being under-dressed at school a few days ago or so.

He told me that in his dream he was back in SK (senior kindergarten) but it was before I was involved with Big T and that there was a meeting at school with his teacher so it was myself, Little Man, DS and his other half all at the meeting when Little Man told me with a gasp, "And then I remembered that I didn't have any underpants on under my pants!"

"So I ran to the bathroom and I didn't know where my underpants were and then I thought it was all real but then I woke up and it was just a dream!"

I think it's cool that he remembers his dreams.

I've been trying to convince him to write them down but he's not interested in that idea yet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Only my kids would have a conversation like this

They were sitting, semi-quietly, at the kitchen table and were drawing pictures.

Little Man was looking for purple and was whining because he couldn't find it.

Rhyme Girl said, "The purple's right here!"

Little Man looked at it and replied scornfully, "No, That's blue-violet."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little man is picking up the lingo...

Well, as most people who know myself and my family IRL are aware... we are not shy about warning people away from the washroom if someone has been "sitting down" in there for awhile.

The way we usually phrase it (with close friends and family) has now been echoed by Little Man.

A few days ago, he came downstairs, shaking his head and said, "Don't go upstairs! I destroyed the bathroom."

So I explained to him that while we talk like that at home, it's not how we talk when we are out or around people we don't know well.

Still - we were amused!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rhyme Girl!!!

We love you!

"I'm looking at my sock options!"

The other morning, Big T asked Little Man to get dressed for school while I was in the shower.

After my shower, Big T went in for his and then, when we checked on Little Man who had ample time to get ready, he was still in his PJs.

When asked what he had been doing, my 6-year-old replied, "I'm looking at my sock options. I want to have lots of choices for my socks."

We just had to laugh. We could not help ourselves.

He was not amused by our amusement.