Wednesday, November 17, 2004

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a lil bit of oddness
Now those of you who know my family and myself IRL have heard some of this before, but I realized that I hadn't put it down in my LJ...

I should add that while still at the apt, when I was bawling uncontrollably, he climbed up onto my lap and wiped away my tears and gave me hugz and kisses...

Little Man was being cared for by DS' Mom and Step-dad and I was told that Little Man had started clapping and looking up at the ceiling and then continued to (apparently) be communicating with someone/something for about 15 minutes and he ended it by saying "Bye-bye" and waving and making his clicking noise with his mouth and then he went back to playing normally.

It apparently freaked out K&D, but it didn't seem odd or out-of-place to me at all, since even when we lived at Hebel Place and Little Man was quite a wee boy, I had spoken to various ppl about him interacting with things that I couldn't even sense...

Also, I can't recall now what day this was, but it was after Mom's funeral... Little Man started laughing and laughing. So I checked on him and he was in our hallway, looking at the ceiling, pointing, squealing, clapping and laughing some more as well as pausing and then babbling.

I had the sensation of pure love, and I assumed it was Mom. So I asked Little Man, "Is it Grandma H.?" He looked at me, paused, started to nod but then shook his head. I asked again, "Are you sure? Is it Grandma H.?" and he shook his head "no" again vehemently so I asked, "Is it Grandpa H.?" and Little Man nodded his head 4 times and then turned away from me, looked back up and started clapping and laughing again and I left him be.

He stayed there doing that for a good half hour and then came for Mommy-cuddles.

Now, the night Fetish died (Jan 2004), I knew Fetish was in bad shape and Little Man came up right to Fetish and crouched down and looked at him for a few minutes without saying a word and then said, "Bye bye katkat" and we had to go drop Little Man at Mom's before we could take Fetish to the vet.

And I can recall saying that I thought that Little Man understood what was going on. Now, I know I said it to DS but I think I also said it to sammygirl when I called her from the emergency vet to tell her that my Puddle'o'Fur had died.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Little Man's assessment
OK, so I've got a bunch of things to fill out and return. It went well today. They made a lot of bang on observations which will, essentially, allow us to either definately rule IN or rule OUT autism. He did throw a mini-tantrum so they got to see that and he just adored the sandbox and the trampoline :>:>:>

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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Tomorrow - Day 1 of Little Man's assessment at KidsAbility
so we've got a 9 a.m. appt and I'm not quite sure what to expect, but wish us luck.

P.S. - He had his hearing test (at Freeport) on Monday (thanks again to GDB for coming with us) and they said that he was fine, if a lil slower at responding re: his right ear but nothing to indicate an actual hearing issue.