Saturday, July 24, 2004

@ 2004-07-24 22:47:00

had a good day today
hanging out with sammygirl-N-J.
Little Man had his first haircut. (thanks sammy!)

and it was a relaxing afternoon that I #1 - very much needed and #2 - very much appreciated



July 5th - before the haircut... Little Man and my Mom

After the haircut - asleep in his carseat

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

@ 2004-07-13 09:59:00

Current mood: happy
Current music: Zoomboofom (sp?) on TV


My little man is offically 2 years old :>

He is my sunshine, my laughter, my sweet boy who I adore and, likely my heart attack waiting to happen :>

I love my baby, my precious one
I love my baby, my only son
I love my baby, my pride and joy
I love my baby, my precious boy
I love my baby, with heart and soul
I love my baby, you make me whole
I love my baby, he is so sweet
I love my baby, from head to feet (or, if he's sleepy then it's "it's time to sleep")
I love my baby, with all I am
I love my baby, my little man

Then I repeat but sing "I love my [his name]" instead of baby.

And he always smiles and sometimes giggles when I sing, "he is so sweet"

I love my son.

When I was pregnant, I would rub my belly and just sing, "I love my baby" over and over.

When he was small, though I still do it now too, I'd stroke his chest and tummy and sing, "Who's the boy I love, who's the boy I love" over and over and then I'd tickle him and say, "You're the boy I love, you're the boy I love, you're the boy I love" (or if Jay's home, it changes to we instead of I).

Monday, July 12, 2004

@ 2004-07-12 16:27:00

Current mood: peaceful

it's amazing to think that 2 yrs ago
I was in labour and timing my contractions and probably driving everybody nuts!

Once I realized I was in labour I had my (THEN) friend D drive me over to sammygirl-N-J's place. My hubby was picked up, phone calls were made and then we all trekked off to the hospital.

At the hospital, quite the amount of ppl began to gather. My grandpa showed up and was (as usual) completely smashed. That was not fun. In the point before things started to go awry, I recall being in labour and getting grief from the DR about Grandpa. Like, hello, I was in fucking labour, what did they expect me to do about it?!?!?!?

So happy early birthday to my wee toad, who will be 2 at 3:18 a.m. tomorrow