Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Monday started out on the rough side...

T. and I hadn't slept well because I'd had one of my anxiety-related freak-outs late Sunday night/early Monday morning. After a rather harsh attack, I was finally able to settle down (as was T.) and get some sleep.

Before Little Man had gone to bed, we'd had a discussion about what he needed to do in the morning re: his room.

His room was a disaster. I realize he comes by this honestly as my ex and I are both the disorderly type. And Rhyme Girl has similar issues because T. and, presumably, her mother are the disorderly and the disorganized type.

Yes, a slight difference. I am disorderly in that I can generally find what I am looking for, even if our home is a mess.

Whereas the disorganized can't find things in general no matter what the state the home is in ;>

Anyway, Little Man knew he had to start cleaning his room when he got up (though he was allowed to eat cereal first) and was not allowed TV until his room was in some semblance of order.

That's not at all what happened. He freaked out and whined and yelled and had a few tantrums.

He kicked, and threw things and was generally a dingbat about the whole process.

While he did his room, T. and I worked on our areas of our room (lead by example).

Eventually, he completed his room before 1 p.m. even though he'd have been done MUCH, MUCH sooner had he only DONE it instead of complained and whined and bitched about it for ages before actually STARTING.

Nonetheless, it was exceedingly irksome.

Though once he was done, he got to ride his bike with T. for awhile as I had to run out and print photos that had been building up on my memory cards.

After that, he went to play with two of his friends at their house and following that, it was Kung Fu class.

So we talked to Little Man about being focused in class, and using time to practice. About watching Sifu and using his listening ears and about working on his stances and his single step forms. (He knows up to 13 well but there are 4 more to learn.)

We were exceedingly proud of him in class today because, overall, he kept his focus well. He paid attention, he practiced during their "free" time aka water fountain break time and he did a good job.

Of course, at the end of class when they were being asked why it's good to practice, his hand shot up and he said, "So if I do a good job I can get a PSP."

*hand slaps forehead*

I have no intention of getting him a PSP, but... he is hard to deter.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Man is a white belt

I thought I'd written about this but this wk (on Wed) Little Man earned his junior youth white belt in Kung Fu class.

He was probably the most focused I've ever seen him in class.

We were and are very proud.

T. actually had to excuse himself because he was so proud of Little Man -- he cried.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I old enough to know how Daddies plant magic seeds now?

Driving in the car the other day with a friend, Little Man pipes up from the backseat and asks if he's old enough to know how Daddies plant magic seeds in Mommies' tummies to grow babies.

*stunned silence*

me: "I don't think you need to know that when you are seven."

LM: "But I'm 7 now, I'm old enough."

me: "How do you think it happens?"

LM: "Does the Daddy poop?"

me: "It does not involve poop. At all."

LM: "Oh."

A few hrs later.

LM: "If a Daddy's bum touches a Mommy's bum - does that plant the magic seed?"

me: "What do you think?"

LM: "I think I know!!!!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can you grow a baby in your tummy?

Once again the topic came up where Little Man & Rhyme Girl were both asking if I would grow them a new baby brother or sister.

The topic was harder to answer this time around since it's been over a month since I had a miscarriage that the kids never knew about.

It made me sad.

Is that like a computer?

Today we were watching a movie that takes place in the 1930's (Kit Kittredge?).

As Abigail Breslin's character was typing a story, Rhyme Girl was confused.

Rhyme Girl: "What's that?"

Me: "It's a typewriter."

Rhyme Girl (bewildered expression): "Is that like a computer?"


Rhyme Girl (angry): "It's not my fault I don't know what a typewriter is!"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Man is riding his bike with no training wheels

I am extremely proud of my Little Man as, yesterday, he successfully conquered his fear and instead of just coasting on his two-wheeler and putting down his feet to stop whenever he realized we'd let go -- he is now successfully riding it.

He can even push himself off and start pedaling on his own (so long as he is going downhill -- uphill is still a challenge).

I am SOOOOO proud of him!