Tuesday, February 26, 2002

@ 2002-02-26 14:08:00

Current mood: sick

still sick, but I've made a small baby poll

Poll #20806 Baby Poll

Do you think I will give birth to:

[info]cagewench -- a girl
[info]sardonyx -- a girl
[info]larissadawn -- a boy
[info]ophelia427 -- a boy
[info]athena_51 -- a girl
[info]digitalsiren -- a girl
[info]unity -- a boy
[info]c_turtle -- a girl
[info]sjmonkey -- a boy

What date do you think I will have my baby (my EDD is July 12th, 2002)
[info]cagewench -- July 18th, 2002
[info]sardonyx -- woo! a Missa bday!
[info]larissadawn -- July 2nd, 2002 (pure guess)
[info]ophelia427 -- Sunday, July 7th, in the evening
[info]digitalsiren -- JULY 18TH !!!!!
[info]unity -- july 8
[info]c_turtle -- july 11
[info]sjmonkey -- July 11th 2002

(I've only left in the people I am still friends with IRL or online)

Friday, February 8, 2002

@ 2002-02-08 17:10:00

Current mood: angry
Current music: Delerium - A Poem For Byzantium

hormonal pregnant woman rant!!!!!!!!!!
What the fuck is up with clothes????????

If I had tons of $$$ I could get some cute items at a maternity store but, being poor, I have to be price-conscious and unfortunately combining LOW-PRICES with MATERNITY or PLUS-SIZES = ugly fucking clothes!

It is so damn difficult to get something comfy and attractive that will fit me right now and that's completely not fair.

To all stores everywhere STOP CATERING TO WAIFS!!!!!!!!!

I am sickened and disgusted by this!!!!!!!

PLUS a cunty saleslady told me that "you'd blow out the seams in that" when I asked to try on a dress marked XL. THe saleslady was pissy because I didn't want to buy a skirt because I am not finding skirts really comfy these days and I really just want dresses to wear during my pregnancy.


Wednesday, February 6, 2002

@ 2002-02-06 07:58:00

Current music: Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman-02 - She's Always a Woman

ughhh i am ill today
head pounding.... throat sore and swollen... feverish... tummy upset.... phelgm phelgm phelgm

this blows. I will not be answering the phone today unless my voice returns and I won't be calling anyone unless under the same aforementioned circumstance.

currently I am drinking peppermint tea with clover honey and am slathered in Vicks Vapour Rub

anyone know of anything safe to take since I'm in my 17th wk of pregnancy?