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*** Introduction ***

This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide
for Little Man's parents, with a special commitment: to help with
Little Man's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and
strengthen his assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or
possible problems that Little Man, could face in his life.

Chapter 1 describes Little Man, the way he really is (position
of the Sun), and the way his personality is expressed (Ascendant

Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to his mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Little Man, sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics he takes from
each one.
In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual's perspective.

Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Little Man's temperament, focusing his mind, his attitude toward education, and his intellectual capacity.

Chapter 5 describes Little Man's destiny, his vocation, his profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Little Man's vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what
is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Little Man's health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Little Man, is going to suffer from them, one by one. It does mean that those are his weak points and he is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some

Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that Little Man, may have both positive and
negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

*** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the planets at the time of birth and other technical information is given below:

Sun 20 Can 51 Neptune 10 Aqu 06
Moon 0 Vir 18 Pluto 15 Sag 23
Mercury 11 Can 52 Asc. 27 Gem 49
Venus 2 Vir 52 MC 25 Aqu 16
Mars 29 Can 52 2nd cusp 15 Can 23
Jupiter 25 Can 42 3rd cusp 3 Leo 16
Saturn 22 Gem 45 5th cusp 26 Vir 47
Uranus 28 Aqu 13 6th cusp 12 Sco 33

Tropical Placidus Summer Saving Time observed
GMT: 10:11:00 Time Zone: 8 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 49 N 10 116 W 20

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 6 Deg 00 Min
Square : 6 Deg 00 Min
Trine : 6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile : 4 Deg 00 Min
*** Chapter 1 ***
General description of the child: essential nature and
personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Cancer:

The Cancer child is very sensitive and moody. He can laugh and cry many times during the same day. Little Man, is very perceptive and is fascinated by the world around him, always trying to discover new things. He is attracted to all the colorful images he sees and these images will stay in his mind forever. This child is delicate, gets scared pretty easily, and will probably need a light on at night. His emotional world is vast and he has a great need to give and receive love. At a
young age he takes on the role of protector and he usually has pets. He loves to feed them and takes care of them with great dedication and delicacy. Children of Cancer are very good doctors and nurses.

The main influence for Little Man, is the home, and he has a special relationship with his mother. He may depend on his parents and brothers or sisters longer than other children might. He can be very shy and sometimes he does not like to be around people. You do not have to force him or compel him to do something. He has a delicate sensitivity and will always
remember any bad treatment he has received
, which could cause problems or traumas in the future. He is very aware of what is going on around him, so it is very important not to quarrel when he is there, or he could feel guilty about it. Though he is docile, quiet and tender emotionally, it is not easy for him to follow other peoples' rules. He is very individualistic and independent in his way of thinking. Little Man, usually gets what he wants and sometimes he is a sort of spoiled child. But if he does not receive the love and tenderness he needs, he could become a rude and lonely person.

He has a bright imagination and it is very probable that he will meet friends of the same kind to play with. He also shows some tendencies towards the arts and creativity in general, especially music. Teachers might complain about his stubbornness or that he is a day-dreamer. Usually when Cancer children get hurt, they keep quiet instead of letting everybody know what happened.

Little Man, gathers strength from nature. He would be very happy sowing seeds and watching them grow. He is usually in a good mood and communicates his joy to others. You do not have to worry about his bad moods; they will disappear quickly. He keeps all the things he loves. Even as a grown-up he will still have his toys. This is true also with the things of his heart, including his family, his friends, the neighborhood, the city, etc.

He loves to collect things and he is very fond of history. No matter where he lives, he will always keep his memories very fresh. That is why his parents should keep his things, his books, even his own room the same after he leaves home. Only when he feels emotionally complete will he show his authority naturally and become a leader. Because a Cancer child develops a deep love for his family, he will always be willing to assist them. All the love he receives from his parents will work as an investment, as he will give it back to them in larger amounts.

Gemini Rising Sign:

If there is no other astrological indication against it, Little Man, will be tall and thin, with long arms and legs. He will
have electric movements and an uneasy look in his eyes. He will remain childlike all his life, always looking younger than he really is. Little Man, will be very curious and will always be willing to communicate, which is why he will learn to talk and walk quite fast. He will also be restless and will not be able to stay in one place too long. He can get bored quite easily and will always try to find new things to enjoy. His great intelligence allows him to escape from every kind of control, and also gives him a great talent to entertain when he is with people.

Little Man, will be talking with adults very early as well as with children of his own age. He will have no inhibitions about talking. If Little Man, shows a precocious inclination for literature, parents should help him write and bring out his fantasies. If his Sun (as shown above) is not located in a strong sign, he will be very easily influenced by and dependent on those around him. That is why parents must always keep an eye on his friends (even as an adult!). He will be able to undertake two or more tasks at the same time. Most likely he will do the same in his love life!

His childhood is ruled by Mercury, and its influence on his intellect is powerful. Usually the place where he lives will be very stimulating. His family will be involved in many changes, and it is probable that this family will be connected with the public, or will be a well-known family. It is possible that Little Man, will do some traveling as a child which may strengthen his tendency to be a journalist. He will be very good at languages, and should be encouraged to study one of them in
early years. His relationship with his brothers and sisters will be very important because he will look for an ally among them. If he does not have brothers or sisters, he will do it with friends. Mercury's beam works as an incentive for his
communication and for trading; that is why you should not worry if you see him selling things at school.

Mercury in 1st house:

Little Man, will be curious, restless, adaptable and a bit nervous. He will have strong mental energy and will be very sharp. He could be rather eloquent and will like talking and sharing knowledge with others. Little Man, will have a strong need to express himself and sometimes will talk before thinking. His approach to problems will be very rational and logical. His very active mind will be always searching for new things and he can easily get bored. He will love to talk with all kinds of people and will want to know how they think. He will be open to new ideas and will have the ability to write. Little Man, will be very impatient and will not be very comfortable with people who move or think slowly. He will be attracted to traveling and will always want to know what is going on around him. His curiosity is immense. This boy can have fun with puzzles or kidding people. His mind can make him the best at school, though he must pay attention to his work and must learn discipline. Parents must encourage him to practice a sport to balance his great mental activity.

*** Chapter 2 ***
Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love
and share.

Moon in Virgo:

He can be very shy and reserved when expressing his feelings. His emotional world is fragile and he can be hurt quite easily. He sometimes inclines to have a negative attitude about his physical and intellectual attributes, regardless of whether there is any validity to his concerns, and this can inhibit him. Little Man, will do best in a well-organized and neat place. He will worry about personal hygiene and about the order and cleanliness of his environment. Little Man, will be very helpful
and will cooperate with everybody, and will never make personal demands or bother his elders.

This astrological position generates inhibitions in the emotional world, and parents must remember that most of them begin in childhood. That is why it is best when his parents, especially his mother, are loving and tender with Little Man,. Parents must initiate dialogue and give him attention without putting pressure on him. His sensitivity is immense as is his
need for protection, which is why aggressiveness and corporal punishment must be avoided. He will have a logical and intelligent mind, and when he understands the reasons for things, he will obey without questioning. Everything which emphasizes his weaknesses, like a nickname or playing a joke on him, must also be avoided.

Moon in 4th house:

Little Man, will be attached to his home and family, especially to his mother. He will always need to be close to her to feel secure, even as an adult. Little Man, will be very fond of the past; he may become a good historical researcher, and he will especially be interested in his own family's past. He will love to know about his city, his country, etc. and will surely collect antiques, relics, and, of course, objects which have sentimental value for his family. He may move around often, but will always be close to his family.

Moon Conjunction Venus:

Little Man, will have a great capacity for love. His feelings will be noble and his romanticism would seem to be endless. He will love to take care of people and animals, and he will marvel at the natural world, sunrise, flowers, etc. Everybody will love him and he can be very popular. He will love art, music, and beauty. Little Man, can be a bit lazy, enjoying the pleasures of life and tending to extravagance.

Moon Opposition Uranus:

Little Man, will have a remarkable intelligence, but at the same time, will be stubborn, fanatical, anarchic, and emotionally tense. Torin, will be very restless and may tend to overreact to any situation. His mother will be unconventional and possibly very nervous. If Torin, changes his place of residence often, this could make him feel insecure. In the future, he will be very close to unusual people and may have problems communicating his feelings to others.

Venus in Virgo:

Little Man, will not be as selfish as other children his age, and will express the love he feels by being helpful. He will want to cooperate with everybody, to help, and to be useful. Actually, Little Man, will be very shy about showing his love openly, and will do it only around the people he loves. He will be very tidy, critical, and intellectual. Little Man, will analyze everything he does and will have difficulty being spontaneous. He also will be very strict with his dietary and hygienic habits. Parents must teach him to love himself and set him free from the inhibitions which keep him from being affectionate. As an adult, Little Man, may choose to marry late, and if he does not overcome his inhibitions, he might stay single.

Venus in 4th house:

Little Man, will love his parents and life at home. He will be very sensitive to the things around him, and as an adult Torin, will have a comfortable and well decorated house. His idealism about love may cause him to marry late. Little Man, will be very happy when he reaches maturity and will never lose his optimism.

Venus Opposition Uranus:

As a child, Little Man, can experience tense and irregular situations which can affect his romantic choices in the future. He can be impulsive and changeable. Love can come unexpectedly and can leave the same way. Little Man, will make very unusual
choices, which his family will have difficulty understanding. He will be independent and will rebel against any binding ties, which indicates that he may have problems with long term relationships. Little Man, must learn to be patient, to accept people the way they are, and to control his impulses. He can be eccentric and have unusual likings; of course he will not follow the traditions of the family. Little Man, can also be very nervous and quick to anger; Little Man, will never feel comfortable with big demonstrations of love.

Jupiter in Cancer:

Little Man, will develop a great feeling for all the things his heart touches. It is very important that his parents give him love and confidence, so that he can develop the innate sense of protectiveness that he has for himself and for others. Home, family, and friends will be very important for him. As Little Man, grows, he will develop a taste for collecting antiques. The feeling of ownership and of having roots will give him the confidence and security he needs to face problems along his path.

Jupiter in 2nd house:

Little Man, will be successful in business and will earn lots of money; however, he must learn discipline and thrift, to avoid many potential problems. He could earn a living from different investments, import-export business, traveling, stock exchange,
etc. Little Man, will have many possessions, which will make him feel secure and protected, and at the same time, he will be very generous and will share them with others.

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Little Man's 18-month appt
weight: 25 lbs
height: 32 1/2 inches
HC: 48

and he didn't even cry when he got his shot :>
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Little Man's 18-month appt
weight: 25 lbs
height: 32 1/2 inches
HC: 48

and he didn't even cry when he got his shot :>