Thursday, May 7, 2009

Holy crap!

Little Man was giving us the 3rd degree as to what our plans are for Friday night (when he goes to his father's place).

He correctly guessed that we were going to the theatre and then he was trying to find out what we are going to see (Star Trek).

I told him that we are seeing a movie with kissing in it.

Little Man: "What about sex?"

me: *speechless*

T: *speechless*

Little Man: "Does it have Coupling?"

me: *laughs*

T: *speechless*

Little Man: *gets pissed off that we won't answer him*



Little Man: "Is it a movie of Coupling?" (meaning a TV show we own on DVD)

We didn't want to say what it is since he might want to see it.

I told him we are going to see "Kert Rats."


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smarty pants

Little Man was complaining that he wants us to take him to the movies because we haven't in a "LONG TIME" (aka less than a month).

When Big T. told him to get a job and earn $ to take himself to the movies, he turned it around and told Big T. to get a job instead.

We laughed.

Speaking of pants... I do not know wtf is up with the kids but they both seem to have issues with WIPING, FLUSHING, and washing their hands after using the bathroom and using SOAP.