Saturday, April 26, 2003

My kiddo likes TV

@ 2003-04-26 09:59:00

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talking to Mom H.
she says that Little Man was a darling for her and she also wanted to tell me that it seems he is a fan of LHOTP.

Mom said it was the episode where Jack dies and they get Bandit... and she said Little Man was riveted to the entire ep the same way he is when commercials are on.


His father's gonna hate that ;>

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

@ 2003-04-15 13:11:00

Little Man' progress.

· Feb 1st - lower right central incisor broke through gums
· Feb 14th - started saying Mama specifically to me and me only and has continued in the usage (still saying Dada but to many ppl/things)
· Feb 19th - lower left central incisor broke through gums
· March 21st - Little Man repeatedly getting into sitting position without any assistance, attempt at pulling self up with coffee table but only getting up far enough to try to bite it.
· March 22nd - top left central incisor broke through gums
· March 24th - Little Man pulled self to stand at coffee table all day and began "travelling"
· March 25th - top right central incisor broke through gums
· April 14th - Little Man mastered getting down from holding on to furniture w/o falling

Food issues

· Carrots still not being digested... they come out looking slightly "pureed" but still close to as if I dumped the jar in the diaper
· Apple/Cherry juice - mixed with 1/2 water, creates rash around mouth almost instantly (similar to "teething rash")
· Heinz Oatmeal cereal - both eyes swollen and red and "gummy" with the phelgm-like stuff

Other issues

That eye is still very gummy rather often.
He is very gassy.
His BMs are usually still rather loose and range from really yellow to a dark brownish-green depending on what he eats (if he's getting blueberries for fruit that day or the day before it's darker, if it's apricots, it's way lighter).
He seems to REALLY suffer re: teething
When the weather changes, he gets cranky and/or listless (as do I)

DR appt

@ 2003-04-15 13:10:00

not much growth since his last appt
so they possibly measured wrong last time (re: height)

Weight: 21 lbs (in the 75th percentile for his age)
Height: 29 inches (in the 75th percentile for his age)
Head Circumference: 45 cm (in the 50th percentile for his age)

DR is very pleased with Little Man's development and thinks he is advanced for his age.

At the DR's office, Little Man met a 1-month-old and a 3-year-old and was fascinated by both :>:>:>

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Proud Mommy alert

@ 2003-04-03 07:48:00

Time for an update
Proud Mommy alert

March 21st - age: 35 wks, 6 days
event: repeatedly got into a sitting position from laying down on the floor, without any assistance from ppl or objects. I'd never caught him doing this before although he was sitting up on the 20th and neither Mom H. or I had seen him do it and hadn't placed him in that position (well, Mom couldn't remember if she'd sat him up or not)

STILL March 21st - event: once doing the sitting up thing repeatedly during the morning, he began grabbing Mom's (Yvette's) coffee table and pulling himself up, but not to a complete stand... only pulling himself high enough to then proceed to bite and attempt to chew on the edge of said table.

March 22nd - age: 36 wks
event: one of this top teeth was visible through his gums (this is tooth #3 for Little Man)

march 24th - age: 36 wks, 2 days
event: He pulled self to a stand, multiple times, from a sitting position at Mom H's using her coffee table

march 25th - age: 36 wks, 3 days
event: another tooth up top became visible through his gums (tooth #4)
event #2: He began to "travel" by holding on to the table and then walking around it

I think this is pretty good for a wee man who will be 9 months old on April 13th. (which is odd when you consider that 36 wks makes 9 months)