Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updates for Lambikins!

Waving "hi" and "bye bye" -- did it for the first time on Monday.  I waved bye bye at her and then she copied me.

She doesn't initiate it yet, but she does it in response.

I still can't count her "mummum" or "dada" babbling yet since it still hasn't been definitely at the correct one of us.  Mummum happens more when she's hungry.

One of the theories is that she can't come close to saying Little Man's name yet and she wants to say his name first but who knows.

She's very vocal these days and on the move.  Still scooting and creeping instead of crawling and far more interested on working on standing than crawling.

Holding onto a chair the other day, she took 2 small steps and she's also done that holding on to my hands (just two small steps).

It's exciting stuff but she's also getting REALLY frustrated!

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